A l’Emeraude SA – Policy on Privacy

1. Introduction

A l’Emeraude SA attaches great importance to the protection of private life, and carefully protects your personal information.In the context of this particular policy on privacy, A l’Emeraude SA informs you about the way in which your personal information is processed when you visit our website, about your rights in connection with privacy, and about the related legal protection.

2. Responsable du traitement des données personnelles

The company A l’Emeraude SA is the body responsible for the processing of personal data collected via its website.
Address of its registered office : Place St-François 12, 1002 Lausanne
CHE number – 102.468.248
Tel. : +41 (0)21 312 95 83 – Email : contact@emeraude.ch
Person to contact : M. Derek Cremers

3. Principles

When you visit our website, your personal data are collected and processed with the greatest possible care and in accordance with the applicable laws, in particular the federal law governing data protection (LDP) (LPD in French) and its Ordinance (OLPD), and with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/RGPD).

The processing of personal data is restricted to what is strictly necessary, in accordance with the purposes set out in this policy on privacy.

Personal data are kept for the period necessary for those purposes, or for the period prescribed by law (see section 7 below).

4. Cookies, tracking and other types of technology used in the website of the company A l’Emeraude SA – Purposes of the collection and processing of personal data

The use of cookies and other, similar, techniques enables your browser or device to be identified, and makes your browsing through our website easier and more effective.A cookie is a small file which is sent to your computer, and which can be automatically recorded in your computer or in your mobile deviceby the web browser used.

This use allows you to be recognized if and when you visit our website again, but your identity will not be known.The aims are to obtain a better understanding of the way in which you react to our offers, to analyse the traffic passing through our site, and to appraise the trends, needs and preferences of the users, who thus constitute our clientele.

Your browser’s security parameters can be modified so as to block or de-activate cookies, or to restrict the capturing to one session

5. Terms of Use

Rolex Section
While navigating on the Rolex section of our website, you may interact with an embedded website from www.rolex.com. In such case, Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Cookies Policy of www.rolex.com are sole applicable.

6. Privacy Notice

Rolex Section
While navigating on the Rolex section of our website, you may interact with an embedded website from www.rolex.com. In such case, Privacy Notice and Cookies Policy of www.rolex.com are sole applicable.

7. Communication of data to third parties

Personal data are not transmitted, sold or transferred to third parties, except when this is required for the performance of a contract, or to fulfil our legal obligations, or when you have given your express consent for this.

When the recipients of the data are abroad, care will be taken to ensure that the degree of protection is adequate to comply with the laws of Switzerland or of the European Union.

8. Security of information

Adequate technical and organisational measures are taken to ensure the secure protection of personal data against any unauthorised access by a third party, and against improper use, partial loss or total loss.

Moreover, all associates of A l’Emeraude SA are also subject to the same obligations in connection with data protection, and so is anyone who provides us with services.

9. Period during which personal data are kept

Personal data which have been processed and recorded are kept for as long as is necessary for the fulfilment of our contractual and legal obligations, for the analyses and purposes described in section 4 above, or, above and beyond those, for compliance with legal obligations in relation to safekeeping and documentation.

10. Rights of the data subject

When personal data are collected or processed, their subject has the following rights:

  • To obtain access, on request, to information about their personal data;
  • To ask for the correction of erroneous data;
  • To insist on the erasure of their personal dataas soon as there is no longer any legal obligation to keep themor any legal grounds allowing them to be processed;
  • To insist on the return of any data which may have been transmitted, and to ask for their transfer to their subject or to a third party.
11. Supervisory authority

All those affected have the right tolodge a claim withthe supervisory authority in the competent jurisdiction (see section 11 below).

12. Modifications

This policy on privacy can be modified at any time.The valid version is the one which currently appears on our website.

Henceforth, visitors to our website are invited to consult the privacy policy regularly.

13. For et droit applicable

The applicable law is Swiss Law.

All lawsuits, claims or disputes in connection with this privacy policywill be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in the district of Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.

* * * * *

Date of this policy on privacy: 15th May, 2020