Ever since his early childhood, the Breton watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard had been passionately interested in meticulous work with small mechanical parts. So he later trained at the School of Watchmaking in Rennes. As there were few openings in Brittany for a career in that field, he worked for six years in the aeronautical industry. His passion for watchmaking was deep in his heart and led him to work for three years in the after-sales department of the Franck Muller company.

Subsequently, an opportunity arose for him to join the F.P. Journe company, where he was to stay for seven years, the last three of which, at the request of F.P. Journe, he spent working on loud chimes. In May 2009, his dream of creating his own watches came true, and he launched his own brand. In December 2009, he presented his own piece, called ‘Upside Down’. It was equipped with a complex and ingenious system of jumping hours. His second model, ‘Half Time’, appeared in 2012, and also included an intricate system of jumping hours and retrograde date. In 2013, he was assigned by Harry Winston to develop the OPUS XIII.

Ludovic Ballouard’s creations are imbued with philosophical poetry, prompting us to ask ourselves about time and its importance in our lives, and teaching us that only the present is important.